Sell-out on anti-smacking bill

News has come to me that John Key and Helen Clark have agreed to an amendment to the anti-smacking bill, which will merely state that police will be able to use discretion to decide weather or not to prosecute a parent who uses minor force to discipline their child. Although this is a slight improvement of the bill, it still criminalizes parents who lightly smack their children for the purpose of correction. It will also do nothing to stop CYFS taking the children away from parents who do so. It is important to remember that those who seriously abuse their children ware already outside the law, and this bill will be most unlikely to stop one child being seriously assaulted. Politically the winners will be Key, who gets to show himself as a man who can reach sensible compromises, and Labour, which gets bipartisan support and less opposition to the anti-smacking bill. The real losers will be the
New Zealand parents trying hard to raise children.

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