Interesting election in Scotland

Today they are busy counting the votes of yesterdays Scotish election. The main parties are the Labour Party, the Scotish National Party, the Liberal Democrats (another center left party) and the Conservative Party. The Scotish National party is hoping to hold a referenda on Scottish independence, with the aim of seceding from the United Kingdom, and have made this demand a “non-negotiatable” part of any coalition deal. This means that a SNP win could mean the breakup of the United Kingdom as polls show a majority of Scotish voters are in favour of indepence. Given that in the 2005 UK election only one Scotish electorate was won by the Tories, but 40 Scotish electorates were won by labour, Scotish independence could make it significently more difficult for Labour to win future elections in whats left of the UK. The latest results give Labour 32 (loosing 7 seats), SNP 31 (gaining 16 seats), 11 to the liberal democrats (loosing 1) and 6 to the conservatives (loosing 1). There are 48 seats left to be declared.

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