On Wednesday the 23rd of May (in two weeks time) VUWSA , the student assosciation you are forced to join, will have its intial general meeting. Any student at Victoria University is allowed to attend. I have proposed a motion to have a referendum to repeal their unnesescary 21% fee increase they rammed through at the end of last year. One cool thing about the referendum is that the executive will be prohibited from spending money I and other students were forced to pay them in our compulsory membership fees on propaganda to encourage us to vote to increase those fees. The Exec is likely to vote against it. The text of the motion is below:
Motion for the purpose of holding a fair and binding referendum on the level of the compulsory VUWSA membership fee:

The following words are to be deleted from section 1 of Schedule 5 of the constitution:
“and recommend the level of the annual subscription to a special general meeting”.

The following text is added to the end of the first sentence of subsection 2, section 1 of part 9 of the constitution: “; except in the case of the circumstances provided for in subsection 7 of this section of this constitution”.

A new subsection 7 is to be added to section 1, part 9 of the constitution. It shall read “During the elections set to take place in the second trimester of 2007 for the election of the 2008 executive of the association, the following question is to appear at the top of the ballot paper before the part of the ballot paper where electors vote for candidates for the executive: “Before 2007 the VUWSA membership fee was $99 for a full time students. At the beginning of the 2007 academic year this membership fee was increased by 21% to $120 for a full time student member of the association, with additional fee increases to come in future years. Should this 21% increase in the VUWSA membership fee be repealed? (Please tick the box next to the option you agree with).” Underneath the question there shall be two boxes, and next to the top box there shall be following text: “Yes, I vote for repealing the 21% compulsory VUWSA membership fee increase”, and next to the bottom box there shall be the following text: “No, I vote against repealing the 21% VUWSA membership fee increase”. After the conclusion of voting the returning officer shall count the number of students who voted for each option. In the event of more students voting to repeal the 21% increase in the VUWSA membership fee than voting against repealing the 21% increase in the VUWSA membership fee, all the amendments which were passed to section 1, part 7 of the constitution at the special general meeting that took place on the 20th of September 2006 shall be repealed.
In the four weeks prior to the beginning of voting on the referendum, or during the days when voting on the referendum will take place, the executive shall be prohibited from publishing or distributing any material or undertake any action that is designed to encourage students to vote in a certain way in this referendum.”

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