More Good News.

We now have another poll giving National a big lead over Labour here. John Armstrong has written a good piece here about how the tide may be turning against Labour. The results, when the results of the two polls are averaged out it looks good.
National 48.75%
Labour 36%
Greens 7%
NZF 3.45%
Maori 2.6%
United 1.05%
Act 0.4%
The results look even better when translated into seats (asuming no electorate seats change hands):
National 61
Labour 45
Greens 9
Maori party 4 (1 overhang)
United Future 1
Act 1
Progressives 1 (an overhang).
This means it would be impossible to form a government excluding National, and National would have Act and United future to choose a coalition partner from. Before you get too excited, remeber that the election is still one and a half years away, and things could change.

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