Now some bad news.

It appears there may be a change of government across the Tasman too. In the latest Newspoll. The coalition went down 1 point to 36% and Labor up 2 to 50% with the primary vote. When it came to the two party preferred preference,the coalition went down 2 to 41%, while Labor went up 2 to 59%. There’s more bad news when it comes to preferred PM. Kevin Rudd is on 49% (up 3%) and John Howard is down 2% to 37%. Whats particularly bad about this poll, is it comes after an excellent budget, including large tax cuts,  Howard watering down work choices, and Labor producing an extremist pro-union industrial relations policy. The bad news continues in Howard’s own Bennelong seat, with a poll showing Labors McKew outpolling him 46% to 44%. I know Howard has come from behind in several past elections, 2001 being the best example, but he will need a pretty massive comeback to win this one.

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