New Party established

Former United Future MP Gordon Copeland has decided to set up his own new political party, together with Larry Baldock. It will be caled the “Future New Zealand” party. The reason for the defection is the Anti-smacking Bill. Given the views of Copeland and Baldock, the party is likely to be centered around traditional moral values. My fear is that there are currently too many christian political parties in New Zealand. first we have Destiny, then we will get Field’s new party, then we have the new Future party, and there is several conservative parties (National, United Future and NZ First) all competing for the same Christian votes. At least there isn’t Christian Herritage anymore. Given such a crowded political marketplace, it will be difficult for any of these parties to get the 5% threshold. There is however a real danger that these parties could take up votes that would overwise go to National, and thus hurt the chances of getting Labour out.

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3 Comments on “New Party established”

  1. Question Says:

    So are you going to be a member?

  2. dave Says:

    .. If you are and youre a student it only costs 2.00

  3. It’s highly unlikely that I will join, or even vote for it. If it falls below the 5% threshold, which I think it will, voting or giving money to join will be like throwing your vote or money in the rubbish bin. The real lesson to learn from the anti-smacking bill is if ypou want to stop the tide of socially liberal legislation coming from Labour at the moment you must get labour out of government.

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