Budget popular, but so are tax cuts.

Sharpenz has just done a poll of 629 people on their thoughts on the budget.  64% of New Zealanders support the cut in the company tax rate, with 10% opposed.  77% agree with tax credits going to Kwisaver, with 11% disagreeing. 60% agree with employers being required to put money into their employees kiwisaver account, with 25% opposed. However only 39% of peopel support the new regional petrol taxes, with 47% opposed. 53% of people say they will probably use Kiwisaver, with 37% saying they probavly won’t.

However tax cuts remain popular. 50% of voters would prefer the money spent on Kiwisaver to give them a tax cut now. When asked if they wanted a tax cut if it would cause intrest rates to rise, 32% said yes, 38% want one delayed and 25% opposed to any new tax cuts.

In conclusion, while most people don’t have a negative attitude towards the budget, public demand for tax cuts is still strong.

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