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Light blogging

June 30, 2007

I don’t have internet access at home, and it cost money to travel to university, where I do have acess. As a result there will be few if any blog posts until the start of the second trimester (July 10)


Polling update

June 26, 2007

Recently the results of a new NZ-Herald DigiPoll came in. They show Labours back up at 40.1% and National down slightly to 48.2%. This is a more realistic poll than many previous polls. one of the factors behind this is probably the fact that labour for the first time this year have gone through several weeks without any bad news about them dominating the healines. The death in the Muilaga family when a power contracter turned of the electricity to her life suport machine (sending a negative message about privatisation, although the company involved, mecury energy was state owned) and the expulsion of our high-commsioner to Fiji (showing Clark on the world stage as a leader condemming the coup) would have helped Clark. This is probably the start of a long slow Labour comeback throughout the year as people forget about anti-smacking bill and are still waiting for National to release policy. One shouldn’t look too much in the Greens being at 4% (below the 5% threshold) as they will recover. The other key point (besides Labour’s comeback) is national is still at 48%. If National continues to poll at 48% into next year, Labour can not win.

Wedge politics

June 26, 2007

Recently the Australian government anounced a serries of tough measures to deal with child abuse in aboriginal communities. Child abuse is a serious problem in aboriginal communitites. While it is good to see action being taken, given that Australia is only months wawy from an election, and the political advantage Howard can gain from the issue (made to look like a strong leader willing to help people, ability to split the ALP, categorise opponenets as making excuses for child abuse) it looks like its wedge politics being played. Colin James has speculated that Helen Clark might try a similar wedge politics strategy here to win in 2008. It’s an interesting thought, but it is difficult to see any issue that can be used this way.

A petition to sign

June 26, 2007

Calling for the release of Alan johnston, a BBC journalist kidnapped in Gaza by a group called the “Army of Islam”. Sign here.

More “pro-choice” hypocrisy

June 26, 2007

A month ago I blogged about how “pro-choice” supporters of legalised abortion are, so much so they (in some cases) force doctors to preform abortions against their will. Now, in South Africa, a nurse has lost her job due to her refusal to preform abortions.

School zones

June 26, 2007

In 2008 New Zealanders will have no shortage of reasons to vote Labour out. Another good reason is an issue that many voters care about- education. Labour doesn’t like giving you much choice about how you spend your money, how you discipline your child, and now what school you send your child to. Island bay School has plenty of room to expand and take in more pupils, but Labour has decided to reduce its school zone, because there are empty classrooms at another nearby school. This means that in some cases a child may not be able to attend Island bay School with their brother or sister. Another reason to vote Labour out.

Labour’s broken promise

June 26, 2007

Just before the 2005 election, Labour promised that if re-elected, they would provide you with 20 hours free childcare. They also drew up examples to show how poeple would be better off with Labour. Of course what they did not include in their examples was the truth. This is their definition of free is such that parents need to enrol for a minimum of 7 hours per day, get 6 hours “free” and pay heaps for the 7th hour to cover the cost of the free 6 hours. Can you get any more dishonest? I hope all New Zealanders get to read this post as it shows how much trust they should put in Labour- close to none.