No suprises on Abortion Supervisory comittee members

Parliament has confirmed the three new members Burton proposed to the Abortion Supervisory Committee. It should come as no suprise these people were appointed not to uphold the law, but to give abortions to any woman who wants one, as a woman being denied a abortion would cause damage to her mental health. One of the new members, Rosemary Fenwicke, is a member of the NZ Family Planning Association, a pro-choice group. Hardly open-minded as the Mr Burton claims. She is also currently a certifying consultant, which causes a conflict of interests with her supervising herself. An ammendment to the motion was proposed by Gordon Copeland, to replace Mrs Fenwicke with  Dr Ate Moala, but this was rejected 81-36.
Also the number of abortions has just gone up by 400, with 17 930 preformed in New Zealand last year. It doesn’t look like things will change anytime soon.

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4 Comments on “No suprises on Abortion Supervisory comittee members”

  1. bumblewumble Says:

    Golly, I’d hate to be a woman. People telling me what I can or cannot do with my body all the time…

  2. […] of such, the judgement must surely cause the committee to make some changes. However, given the pro-abortion makeup of the committee I would not be the least bit surprised if the committee ducked and turned in every way it could to […]

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