Theatre skills wanted

David Farrer has come up with an excellent idea. If you are wondering if its satire David denies it in the comments section. It is to produce a play about the way the Labour Party stole my tax money to break a number of laws including the Electoral Act, and lied to the Chief Electoral Officer, in order to steal an election. If I was Farrar, I would include in the play the Police descison not to prosecute, Labour’s refusal to pay the money back until forced to do so by public pressure, and the “validating” retrospective legislation to wipe out a lawsuit against them. I would also have the play start in 1999 with the descison to use public money for electioneering and lie to the New Zealand people by putting on the brochure acompanying the card “this plege card was funded by supporters of the Labour Party”. Also nice to be covered would be helen Clark talking about integrety, and then constantly spinning the truth to avoid having to repay the stolen money. The play could be called The Hollow Women: A study in the politics of corruption but The Pledge Card could be a better title. It could be classified as “horror”. One thing the play could do is show New Zealanders the shocking truth that our Government is the most corrupt in the Western World delibrately conspired to break our electoral laws, pass legislation to wipe out a lawsuit against it, and lied not only to the New Zealand People but our Chief Electoral Officer. these reasons alone should give anyone a good reason to vote Labour out in 2008.

People with relevant experience should e-mail David at

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