Unity one step closer

The Dominion Post for today has an article called “Copeland, Field hold secret meeting”. the contents can be judged by the title. One reason why Christian parties don’t suceed in New Zealand is because there are too many of them and they split the small christian vote. A good  formula could be Future NZ + Field + Destiny= Nothing. I have problems with both Field and Destiny, Field because he is corrupt (and corruption is a Labour Party value, which is the opposite of Christian family values) and Destiny (because they are too extreme) but if Field, Destiny and Future NZ team up they will stand a far better chance of making 5% (or winning a electorate) than they would seperate, although even then they would be unlikely to make 5%. However, when seperate, they can not be a real force in NZ politics.

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One Comment on “Unity one step closer”

  1. […] to dissolve itself, and tried to form a new party with former United Future MP Gordon Copeland. I have always beleivedthat it is senseless to have several separate Christian Party’s in New Zealand, destroying […]

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