Hamastan is born

This is old news now, but Hamas have taken over the gaza strip. Unless there is a reconcilliation between Hamas and Fatah, which is unlikely, gaza and the West Bank are effectively two seperate entities. I won’t be suprised if the new hamastan becomes a failed state humanitarian catastrophe. Although this may be seen as a blow for the peace process, it can help it. Isreal can conclude a seperate peace with the remnants of the palestinian authority. With large amounts of aid, and peace, progree can be made in improving palestinain living standards. hamas will be powerless to stop this happening. With the gaza strip already surrounded by a Isreali security fence, it is almost a giant prison. Once this deal is made it will be isolated and increasingly irrelevant. However, it shouldn’t be ignored as it will be a prime recruiting ground for Islamic extremists.

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