The religon of peace

Anyone who beleives, despite September 11 and all terorist attacks since then, that Islam is a religon of peace needs to visit this website. And look here if you believe a number of myths about Islam. I also sugest you read these quotes from the Quran (unless your a muslim and might get ideas). If you are a muslim, you can get a guide from here about what Muhammed did, and also he is suppose to be an example to you (Quran Sura 33:21)The religon of peace website tells us a large number of facts about Islam including:
Islamic terrorists have carried out 8 664 deadly attacks since September 11 2001.
In the last 35 years more than 5 millon people have been killed in the name of allah.
In Iraq only 225 civilians have been killed by US soldiers, but 16 795 were murdered by islamic fundamentalists.

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