Vote Labour if you want to pay more taxes

Trevor Mallard has just suggested that there should be tax cuts in the 2008 budget. It wouldn’t suprise me if there is, as Labour would probably have learnt a few lessons fron 2005.
new zealanders would have to be very stupid not to see how hollow any tax cut promises from Labour are though. Labours record in office is to put up a large number of taxes, and has consistently refused to reduce them. Further, given Dr Cullens cancelling of the ‘chewing gum” tax cuts in the last budget, Labour can not be trusted to keep election promises. further, during the last 5 years, total direct taxation increased by an astonishing 54%. Taxation per capita (govt tax revenue divided by population) has increased from $9 449.93 in 2001 to $12 690.09 in 2006. If Labour promises or gives tax cuts in 2008 a good slogan for a Tui bilboard would be “Labour wants to cut taxes: yeah right”.

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