Polling update

Recently the results of a new NZ-Herald DigiPoll came in. They show Labours back up at 40.1% and National down slightly to 48.2%. This is a more realistic poll than many previous polls. one of the factors behind this is probably the fact that labour for the first time this year have gone through several weeks without any bad news about them dominating the healines. The death in the Muilaga family when a power contracter turned of the electricity to her life suport machine (sending a negative message about privatisation, although the company involved, mecury energy was state owned) and the expulsion of our high-commsioner to Fiji (showing Clark on the world stage as a leader condemming the coup) would have helped Clark. This is probably the start of a long slow Labour comeback throughout the year as people forget about anti-smacking bill and are still waiting for National to release policy. One shouldn’t look too much in the Greens being at 4% (below the 5% threshold) as they will recover. The other key point (besides Labour’s comeback) is national is still at 48%. If National continues to poll at 48% into next year, Labour can not win.

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2 Comments on “Polling update”

  1. Rex Hydro Says:

    I support labour because they are not putting it all at risk!

  2. Adolf Fiinkensein Says:

    Here is the ‘high quality’ comment of the week.

    ‘I support labour because they are not putting it all at risk!’

    One is not told what on earth ‘it’ is.

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