Abortion T-shirt controversy.

A Scottish teenager has been threatened with expulsion from her school if she again wears a T-shirt to her school with the “abortion is murder” slogan on it. The teenage girl, Sarah Scott, wore the T-shirt to school on a mufti day, and has been warned not to wear it again due to it being offensive, despite other t-shirts being allowed that offend some people, such as ones promoting pornography. I have heared of similar stories of pro-life T-shirts being banned from schools before, and at first it may appear to be another case of “pro-choice” hypocrisy.

However one would be well advised to find out all the facts behind the story before jumping to conclusions. I personally agree with Scott that abortion is murder, but do understand that there are many people who do not share this view and may find the T-shirt message offensive. The ban would be justified if it applied to all T-shirts with political messages on them, or all T-shirts that could be deemed offensive (which doesn’t appear to be the case). However if the ban was applied only to ones with an anti-abortion message on them, it would be unjustified, and a violation of her right to free speech. Regardless of the circumstances, the expulsion threat is a big punishment for a small ofense, and makes it appear the heavy handed approach is being done for ideological reasons, not because of any offense it caused anyone.

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