Party Pills banned

I know this is old news now, but the government is going to ban BZP (benzylpiperazine) and other “party pills“.

This descison has been criticised by many blogs. the reasons for this critism is that prohibition doesn’t work and may encourage people to use harder drugs. Also are that BZP doesn’t do much harm and that it involves the government nany state stepping too far into peoples lives. Those who oppose the BZP ban on the “its my body I can do with I want with it” kind of arguement, hold the libertarian view about the governments job being to stay out of peoples lives, and use of drugs for personal use are what they call “victimless crime“. I do not share this political philosophy, and by its logical conclusion it will end up legalizing not only BZP, but also “P” as well. Also, the use of drugs for personal use are hardly “victimless” for those who assualted or raped by people wh are under the influence of drugs. This is not to mention the harm that BZP can do to the user, and BZP is not harmless or safe. It can cause, according to Dr Paul Gee, an emergency doctor at Christchurch Hospital, life threatning seizures, psychiatric illnesses, or even death. As for the idea that prohibition doesn’t work, although true that prohibition doesn’t work perfectly in that there will always be a black market, it can work beter than legalisation, and the prohibition doesn’t work arguement, if taken to its logical conclusion, would mean legalised “P” for 12 year olds. What is needed to stop use of illegal drugs is not legalisation, but better enforcement of the existing law, such as in areas with large drug use problems, random drug tests on people, with harsh punishments for those found to be using drugs. There are also fears that banning BZP would cause its current users to switch to illegal harder drugs, but there is research showing BZP can be a gateway drug to the use of harder drugs. These reasons, together with the arguement that the use of mind-altering drugs for recreational use is morally wrong, present a good case for prohibition.

However, the fears by opponents of the ban that it will give more money to gangs, and create a illegal black market, with more dangerous BZP, and make people switch to harder drugs arer real. If I were an MP I would vote for a Bill to ban BZP at the first reading but not guarentee to support such a Bill any further.

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