Youth Rates

The government has announced a compromise over Sue Bradford’s Bill to abolish the youth minimum wage. It involves the abolishment of the youth minimum wage but allows people under 18 to get paid 80% of the minimum wage in the first 200 hours of work. Despite normally leaning to the right of the political spectrum, I agree that youth rates should go. There is a simple principle at stake: Equal pay for equal work. A person under 18 doesn’t stack supermarket shelves 20% slower than someone over 18 so why should they be paid less? Also, there won’t be much cost to the economy given that most employers of young people already pay their young employees at the adult minimum wage or above. The compromise, appears sensible, and I can see the arguement that inexperienced workers may be less productive, but only applying the 200 hour rule to under 18s is discrimatory. In spite of the compromise, the passage of the Bill will still be a victory for treating workers equally regarless of age. Just hope Bradford doesn’t withdrawl the whole Bill because one ammendment she doesn’t like is added to it.

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