Parliament’s censoship

Not long ago, Parliament introduced new rules to prohibit using images of MPs for “satire, ridicle or deginiration”, which rightly got heavily criticised in the media, as MPs should be judged for their actions in the court of public opinon, not introducing rules protecting them from being viewed by their constituents. the new agenda lat night showed how usefull the ban was, by proposing a similar one for the All Blacks, no showing missed tackles or bad kicks at goals among other things. In some cases, (e.g showing large numbers of empty seats where a party sits might be unfair to MPs, as MPs get their whip to vote for them, and are probably doing something more useful than sitting merely listening to parliament debate (note: the media didn’t actually do this)) the media can be unfair to MPs, but they should tell the public their side of the story and let the public judge for themselves, not ban the media from showing such images.

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