Labour lies again

While doing research for my blog post about Dover Samuels retiring, I discovered this post from Kiwiblog, about how Labour MP Darren Hughes lied about the incident when Dover Samuels urinated in a hotel corridor saying “there was no suggestion from the hotel that Mr Samuals was drunk”. What did the Hotel say: Samuels was “not sober” (i.e. drunk).

More recently, Steve Maharey has lied about Labours 20 hours free subsidised childcare policy, which he claimed would save the average parent with children at kindergarten $60 a week. This is despite official stistics showing 76% of parents with children at kindergarten  would get less than $20 a week from the policy. The reason why the two figures are different is because his figures are based purely on “anecdotal information”. As Farrar puts it, “he made it up”.

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