Silver ring thing

Yesterday’s Dominion Post (Teen looses ‘purity ring case’ B4) reports on how a British girl, Lydia Playford, lost her court case to be allowed to wear a ‘purity ring’, as a sign of her commitment to refraining from sex until marriage, at school, despite Muslim and Sikh students being allowed to wear religious bracelets and head-wear. This may appear to be religious discrimination.

However, the case is very complex, and it appears the school had no problems with her purity ring until the habit started to catch on. It also turns out that the girls parents worked for the “Silver Ring Thing’, an organisation to promote the rings and chastity. Thirdly, the girl involved, is no longer a student at the school, and wasn’t when the court case was launched, so its almost a non-issue. These facts give the appearance of her parents using her to test the law, to enable christian students to spread the ‘silver ring thing’  at their local school, and possibly other christian evangilisation, not about religous freedom. In which case the court verdict appears reasonable, but a mere ban on religous proselytising could be more appropriate.

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