Cane for sale

Today’s Dominion Post reports (“‘Smacking’ cane for sale, by Patrick Crewdson) that the cane in the infamous “horsewhip case” is being sold on trade me. Sue Bradford describes the case saying “it was that type of case that lay behind a lot of my motivation for the bill”. Yeah right.

If her bill was only designed to deal with those sort of cases, it could have defined reasonable force to allow for the use of physical force to discipline children so long as no weapon was used. It would have bipartisan support. When there was a possibility of such an amendment being passed, she threatened to withdraw her whole bill. Obviously, in her eyes it is better to have children beaten with horsewhips, than have a law which prohibits such actions, while allowing for light smacks. This speaks volumes about her true beliefs on child abuse. The real motivation for her bill was not to protect children, but impose an ideological agenda which says children are like adults (except where it comes tot he age of crinimal responsibility) and that even the lightest samck is abuse, no matter what the child did to deserve it.

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2 Comments on “Cane for sale”

  1. Inventory2 Says:

    Bradford’s S59 Act certainly did a great job in protecting the three year old girl in Rotorua eh – the girl who was brutally beaten by her whanau for three weeks. Well done Sue!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Look at Family First’s 5-Point Action Plan to Tackle Child Abuse:

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