Labour lies about Anti-Free Speech Bill

In the first reading of the anti-free speech Bill, Mark Burton gave two reasons for continuing to allow anonymous donations. The first was that it was too dififcult to find words to ban them. This is a lie, as they have words to ban anonymous donations to third partiers in the Bill, and they can easily put new sections into the bill to cover parties, similar to sections 44 and 45 which cover thied party donations.. The second reason is that it would need cross party consensus to implement such a ban. This is a lie, as with the sole exception of the Labour party, and possibly Act, there is already a cross party consensus. Also, Labour needs a cross party consensus to ban anonymous donations, but doesn’t need one for a far bigger law change, involving silencing critics of the government by banning them from spending more than $60 000 in a whole year criticising the government. Also Helen Clark has already given the real reason- Labour needs anonymous donations to fund itself.

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