The Anti-Free Speeh Bill: how bad is it?

Very Bad: David Farrar has done some excellent posts on the Anti-Free Speech Bill, but this has to one of his best. It turns out that if an organization has 10 000 members who are New Zealand citizens aged over 18 and enrolled to vote, but has one member who is 17 years old, then that organziation can only spend a tiny $5 000, not $60 000 campaigning against the government during an election year. Also, if I (or anyone else) stand as a candidate and take a position against eating at McDonalds, then McDonalds will be banned from spending more than $60 000 on advertising in an election year. Encouraging people to eat at McDonalds would be electioneering against me. You will need to register to post clippings on YouTube on any topic on which a candidate takes a stand (this means if I’m a candidate and I take a position against eating McDonalds, and you put a video on YouTube showing you eating a McDonals hamburger, you will be breaking the law if this bill is passed unaltered). Also parties will be banned from putting out press releases. It looks like the Bill, if passed in its current form, being so stupid might actually help get Labour out. Remebr, these case studies (bar the eating a hamburger at macDonalds) come from a qualified lawyer, not myself.

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