Another case of “Pro-Choice” hypocrisy

I have blogged before about how “pro-choice’ people aren’t quite so pro-choice when it comes to the topic of whether others should be forced to preform or pay for abortions. Now we have another case. In the Washington State (of America), there is a new regulation forcing pharmacists to supply what is sometimes labeled “emergency contraception”, whatever their moral views on the issue. Before going into the hypocrisy, lets look at what “emergency contraception” (or the morning after pill) really is. It is not contraception. It is an abortifacient (i.e. a drug to induce abortion). this is because it works, not by trying to stop a conception (the union of an egg and sperm creating a new human being) taking place, like barier contraceptives do, but instead kills newly created person, and thus the use of it can be called murder.  the reason it is often called contraception is because the ‘pro-choice” lobby try to disguise birth control pills for what they really are- abortion pills. In this we see another case of “pro-choice” people give no choice to anyone except the woman involved.

 Except it appears there may be some “pro-choice” people who want pregnant women to be forced to have abortions, even if the woman wants to keep her baby. In Arkansas (America) 20 members of its legislature voted against a Bill (which fortunately passed) to require abortion clinics to have a sign reminding people that coercing women into having abortions is illegal. I don’t know their reasons for voting against the Bill, but if it was because they don’t mind women being bullied into having abortions, and they claim to stand for “a womens right to choose” they are shameless hypocrites.

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2 Comments on “Another case of “Pro-Choice” hypocrisy”

  1. suckonthis Says:

    Hey, pharmacists have the choice to resign if their job is against their moral views. Quite honestly, you’d think that pharmacists would be mindful when they start training that at some point they might be required to distribute some medication that doesn’t conform 100% with their personal world view.

    And I’d hazard a guess that those Arkansas legislators voted against the bill because abortion clinics get enough harassment as it is without there being added legislation to force a constant reminder that you people consider them to be criminals.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Suckonthis doesn’t really like to face the reality of the pro-choice hypocrisy, does he? Of course he doesn’t. This is why people call you morons “pro-abortion”, instead of pro-choice. Pro-choice is gone. You people worship this “medical” procedure. I really find it adorable (alongside sickening) how you people carefully choose politically correct wording to sooth the consciences of people who choose to throw away their babies. It just never gets old seeing what you guys one up with.

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