Scream Murder, Murder, our democracy is being killed

The NZ Herald has described the Anti-free Speech Bill perfectly. In one of its more recent articles it says “While Key has been on the road the Prime Minister has cooked National’s election goose with a legislative gerrymander in a dirty deal cooked up between Labour and the minor parties. Clark had sworn to put an end to the anonymous trust funds and donors who funnelled cash to National at the last election (and Labour). The “Hollow Woman” has now decided its all right – long after brash’s ousting – for political parties to be funded by secret donations from wealthy donors. Particularly hers.”. The opinion piece goes on to rightly describe the Bill as “an extraordinarily draconian attack on New Zealander’s democratic rights”.

Almost as good is a Dominion Post editorial a number of days ago, with the best extracts reproduced here.. It labbels the $60 000 limit “preposterously small given the cost of newspaper of television advertising” as well as describing the limits on free speech as “draconian”. The editorial concludes “Labour’s agenda is clear. It is determined to do all it can legislatively to make it difficult for opponents to wage a political campaign in 2008 but, at the same time, will certainly add to the millons it is already spending on telling the community how to behave via a veritable wave of public information campaigns.

Both these pieces are excellent, and tell us quite clearly what the real purpose of the Anti-Free Speech Bill is, rewrite the election spending rules in Labour’s favour to help it steal win the 2008 election, in the biggest attack on free speech in the history of our country. Sadly our countries media offers too little of these excellent pieces.

Imagine what would happen if another country tried to rewrite rugby rules to benefit its team against the All Blacks in this years Rugby World Cup (suppose if this team was very good at drop goals but not too good at try scoring, making drop goals worth 5 points and tries worth 3). There would be a massive outrage from the public. It would be on the front pages of all our newspapers, and all over our TV sets. What Labour is doing in the Anti-Free Speech Bill is similar, trying to rewrite the elction laws to benefit themselves against National. The big difference is something far far more important than the Rugby World Cup is at stake here. Our democracy and the future of our country. Yet there is no big outrage against the new legislation. This is because, sadly most New Zealanders who don’t read blogs don’t know how far reeaching the attack on free speech is, largely because our media has done little to inform them. they should with their front pages and on TV scream Murder, Murder, our democracy is being killed.

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