Why Cannabis should stay illegal

Today’s Dominion Post health section has a good article by Chris Kalderimis entitled “Cannabis linked with psychosis and lung damage” (A9) about the health effects of cannabis. It may come as a big surprise to those libertarians and dope-smokers that the effects aren’t good. This is something that Metiria Turei (a Green MP) should look at carefully, as she has a Bill which has recently been pulled out of the ballot to legalise “medicinal cannabis“.

Lets take a look at the health effects of cannabis. First, according to a recent Lancent study, marijuana use can increase the risk of developing a psychotic illness by 40%, and the risk of developing schizophrenia by 100%. And for dope-smokers that’s the not so bad news, as Kalderimis points out that the risk of getting a psychotic illness or schizophrenia is only 1%, so cannabis increases the risk to 1.4% and 2% respectively. Here is the really bad news. According to a very recent medical Research Institute smoking one cannabis joint does the same amount of damage to your lungs as five tobacco cigarettes. To be fair to the dope-smokers one study isn’t definate proof, but it should be seriously looked at. From this one can conclude that a doctor would need to smoke a awfull lot of drugs before prescribing cannabis for his/her patients for health reasons.

Some advocates of legal  ‘soft drugs’ (like party pills and cannabis) argue that banning them could cause people to switch to ‘hard drugs’ (like ‘P’), which do more harm. People who make this arguement should look at the article “When the party’s over” on page B6 in the Dominion Post on August 1 (reproduced here). It details research by Victoria University student kate Bryson into the effects of banning party pills, and found that three quarters of party pill users are already using illegal drugs (so much for the if party pills are banned people will switch to illegal drugs arguement) and that 86% said they would not try ‘P’ if party pills were banned (proving the banning party pills will make people switch to ‘P’ or other harder drugs arguement wrong). What is needed is not to legalise drugs, which would send the implicit message that it is OK to use them), but tell young people that drug use is wrong and will not be tolerated by society. And we need to put pressure on politicians to make sure it isn’t tolerated and the police better enforce the laws against cannabis.

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69 Comments on “Why Cannabis should stay illegal”

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  2. What a horrible article…
    I believe “Dope” has no relation to marijuana. “Dope” is opiates and their derivatives. So, whoever wrote this was a complete idiot to start with.
    Also, I see no links or real proof that your “studies” on the health effects of cannibis is even true.
    As for cannibis being a “gateway drug”:
    You know why Cannabis was decriminalized in the Netherlands? Because they said “If there is a ‘gateway effect’ we need to address that.” So They looked at what causes the gateway. Low and behold, the gateway was caused not by the drug itself, but by the fact that dealers who sold it, also sold harder drugs. So they said “Lets separate the markets”. Now Cannabis is sold in Coffee Shops’ where people don’t have exposure to hard drugs. Gateway problem solved!
    Cannibis is a gift to this beautiful earth, and I despise people such as you who mis-inform the population, and brainwash them into believing absolute bullshit.
    I assume you won’t delete my response, unless you have reason to believe people will loose confidence in your argument.

  3. Michael Says:

    Cannabis is medicine, my friend, and the cure for cancer. It is illegal because it is mind expanding, and this threatens the establishment. It is illegal because it can be grown by anyone at little to no cost, and this is a threat to the profits of the pharmaceutical companies.

  4. Siffler Says:

    Thanks for the info ! The article is great 😉

  5. bum Says:

    weed is good!

  6. Rex Hydro Says:

    Wasn’t Graham Capill a druggie?

  7. Rex Hydro Says:

    Why has noone responded to my question and allegation?

  8. poohole Says:

    i concure

  9. Nick Gibbs Says:

    The Dutch Police are now throwing the book at drug users quite rightly, pro tolerance and semi legalisation has caused an explosion in dutch crime and has caused a lot of health problems and now the Police have had enough, and they are now pushing back hard, good for them well done, about time.

  10. Me Says:

    Ok, so first off the biggest study ever done about the health effects of cannabis on the human body shows that marijuana is in no way linked to lung cancer. THC, the main chemical in marijuana actually kills cancer cells and also stops the aging of cells. This study, which was the largest scale study of it’s kind, was done by Donald Tashkin of UCLA. Also, according to the national annual causes of death charts in the United States of America (published by the U.S. government) shows that there are no, absolutely zero, deaths caused by marijauna. And dope is a word synonomous to opiates. Marijuana is definitely not an opiate. Cannabis is of the family Cannabaceae, genus Cannabis, species indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Opium is of the family Papaveraceae, genus Papaver, species somniferum. Completely different. The only way that they are in anway similar is that they are plants. It would be more accurate to say that people who eat poppy seed muffins are dope-heads as opium is made from the poppy plant. Do some research before you post or just don’t post anything. And also, those studies from New Zealand that said that smoking one joint is equal to 20 tobacco cigarrettes have no scientific value whatsoever as they use only 4 controls to every 14 people and also the people used smoked tobacco cigarrettes which just throws off the whole study. Learn your shit, please.

  11. D. Grenig Says:

    This article is a perfect example of ignorant people saying ignorant things.

  12. […] Anyway, it’s an interesting coincidence that I’ve just had a bit of a spat with someone on our local Headington & Marston Neighbourhood Forum about this very subject. Someone whose naive response to the "drugs problem" is to get tougher, to wage the "war on drugs" ever more fiercely and adopt a "zero tolerance" approach to dealers, traffickers and users alike. Whose entire argument appears to be based on the insane rantings of the likes of Anthony Daniels and Nicholas O’Kane. […]

  13. neogoten Says:

    the person or persons who wrote this article should really study thier facts and remove thier head from thier anus. maybe see what the european surgeon general say about it. guess what? people that have potential for schizophrenia or depression would develope it regardless of marijuana use, be it a gram or a pound daily. starting age makes no difference. well for the damage done to your lungs by smoking it might look bad until you realize that the tar they are talking about is NOT cancer causing. Is there a way to OD(over dose) on pot? sure, if you can smoke something like 20,000 joints in five minutes to get a lethal amount. try being like a “pot” head and expand your mind and do some real research yourself. the results will blow your mind..

  14. J Says:

    Make it legal!!! This writer has no clue what they are talking about

  15. samantha Says:

    I strongly believe you should legalize marijuana. Please read all of this. One of the top reasons I think marijuana should be legal is the government would make a lot of money from taxes on it. Studies shown the government would make 100 billion dollars every 7 yrs if they did legalize it. Another reason why I think marijuana should become legal is that a lot of people drink alcohol because it’s the only legal drug and if weed became legal a lot of people would switch from alcohol to weed and I strongly believe marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. I think so because in 2001 there was 331 alcohol overdoses and none due to weed. Not just that but alcohol you can get physically addicited to when marijuana you can’t. If someone does experience withdrawl symptoms at all they are remarkably mild. It also doesn’t cause as much damage to the brain and liver that alcohol does. The fat cells in which that lingers are not hurt by the use of that drug. Also having a joint isn’t nearly as harmful as a can of beer. Another top reason why I think it should become legal is for medical use such as AIDS and cancer. It’s because people that have AIDS it reduces their appetite. Also it’s good for patients that have have cancer becuse it reduces the nausea they get when they go through chemotherapy. Also it’s a good solution for pain relief. Also another reason why I think is should be legal is it would reduce crime. For example, there is violece due to owing money to your dealer. If it was legal there wouldn’t be that problem because you would able to buy it at a store instead. Studies have acutually shown that weed decreases aggression not increases (like alcohol does). The other reason why I believe it should be legal is we’re using our own money on prisoners that are locked up for eather using, selling and falling drug tests. If weed was legal we wouldn’t have as many people in jail that we have to pay for. Also we let violent people and sex offenders out of jail to make room for pot users, and in my opinion I think sex offenders should be the ones in jail instead. Also marijuana enhances certain mental abilities, find new solutions to problems, enhances a persons ability to make strategic decisions and in studies people under the influence of weed have no problem remebering what they learned previously.. People that drink than drive increases their chances of risky driving, when people that smoke and drive don’t drive risky like alcohol because the person is more cautious. So that would mean a lot less traffic deaths. Studies have also shown that marijuana is not a lethal drug and not toxic to humans (like alcohol and even tobacco is). Marijuana overdoses are impossible (you have to smoke twice your body weight in lbs.) There also has been no report that marijuana causes lung cancer. American Thoracic Society in 2006 did a study that even heavy users were not found to have an increased risk of lung cancer. There was also no scientific evidence that weed doesn’t causes psychological damage or mental illness to anyone; either adults or kids. Heavy marijuana smokers don’t get any obstruction of the lung’s small airway (tobacco does cause that). Also for 25 yrs. researchers have searched for marijuana – induced amotivational syndrome and has failed to find it. In labortary studies people given high doses of weed for several months exhibit no decrease in work motivation. For examlpe, studies have shown that adults who smoke weed actually earn higher wages and college users get the same grades as non users. If you don’t want people to use marijuana then you should actually legalize it. That might sound confusing but adolescent use of marijuana is a lot lower in Netherland; which it is legal there. Another fact is there no evidence that weed causes infertility for either man or women. On top of that there has been no proof that weed causes a delay in adolescent sexual behavior. ( feminizing effects on males or masculinizing effects on females). Studies on newborns, infants and children show no consistent physical, developmental or cognitive deficits related to prenatal weed exposure. It has no impact on birth size, length of gestation, neurological development or physical abnormalities. Less than 2% of drug related emergency visits had to do with marijuana use. Hemp is also very hearty planty and would be good cash crops form farmers. The tobacco lobby said pot has the ability to some people to help them break the nicotine addiction. The government said that that since pot has been illegal for so long no politician have the political courage to tell the truth about pot. The ones who do tell the truth are defeated by their opponents and that paint them as a druggie.

  16. Alisa Ann Says:

    What? Are you kidding?! It increases risk of schizophrenia 100%? So I suppose that everyone on the planet who has smoked weed will sooner or later develop a believed to be mostly GENETIC disease. Some how I doubt these studies are true.

  17. you’ve got to be freaking kidding me…these facts are totaly made up…i think some parent trying to talk their kids out of smoking pot just started spitting out bullshit…do you still believe in the stork???

  18. are you kidding me???those facts were totally made up…some parent trying to talk their kid out of doing what teenagers do just started spitting out bullshit…do you still believe in the stork???

  19. Of course inhaling something that is burnt into your lungs is a bit dangerous for your throat and lungs. Maybe one joint is equivelant as a few ciggarets, but thats because cigaretts have something called a filter on them that stops the most tar and other bigger particles from the burnt plant. If you eat/digest the cannabis in its natural form or lets say in a muffin/cookie, it will not give you any negative effect on your body or brain in short- or longterms. Well of course you will get high, but that is not a negative thing if you are on your sparetime(only if you are going to work, school, driving or doing something else that requires you to be clearminded at that moment to not risk anything valuable, then you should not intake the cannabis into ur body).

    If you are interested about why cannabis should be legal, view this extraordinary documentary about it: http://www.421flavors.com/3/why-marijuana-should-be-legalized/

  20. And i forgot to mention if you are a cannabis smoker and have responsabilitys then you will know when the right time or bad time is to ligt up a joint or not, whether the conditions is okay to do it or not. Peace humans, live long and prosper!

  21. If you are interested to talk more about it: Facebook: Marko Bubnjevic, Sweden.

  22. mate! Says:

    you are an absolute idiot.

  23. mate! Says:

    was talking about the article

  24. mu$h Says:

    wake up and smell the haze! are you serious? dude, you probably never smoked a joint in your life. you probably go to church every sunday. probably one of those i believe in my country type of people. you sir, have been had by the government. if you are still reading (by the way im suprised if you are because you strike me as the narrow-minded, i know im right why am i even reading this? type of person) i want to tell you how it is. your beleifs and research are completely wrong. How many families were ruined? how many kids killed by drunk drivers? how many died of alcoholism or alcohol poisoning?.. MILLIONS. How many died from smoking cigarettes? MILLIONS. How many died from smoking weed? NONE. you would have to smoke your bodyweight in weed to overdose. you wouldnt be able to finish a half ounce to yourself in one night. the government made it illegal because they were racist but twisted the reason to make it seem like its bad for you. millions of people, one of them being you, believed this propaganda and its been illegal for so long now that to you it seems right for it to be illegal. Understand so far? for example why does the government allow you to drink toxic liquid (alcohol), inhale toxic smoke (cigarettes), make you pay obsurd amounts of money for prescription pills that have 100 side effects and destroy your organs, put a toxin like fluoride in our water and toothpaste but wont let you smoke an all natural product like marijuana? because they dont want you to expand your mind. to see the truth. to have a good time. to relax. to naturally dull pain. Because of people like you marijuana continues to stay illegal. people like you run the country, all you ignorant, spoiled rich your whole life, bastards. youve never been in the real world. your arguments are obviously bullshit, its so expected of people like you who oppose weed. A bunch of impossible facts for a few sentences then its oohhh the hard drugs will be legal soon after pot would be and its a gateway drug. i know people who have done heroin before they even touched weed by the way. but not before alcohol or cigarettes=). because those are the real gateway drugs. i dont know about you but id rather have people smokin weed over my house rather than people drinking liquor, breaking everything, vomiting, fighting, and acting retarded. because weed doesnt have those side effects, not even a hangover! i suggest you smoke pot before you put it down. if legalized it could help our economy greatly and make the world a little less ridiculous. and you would feel good too.

  25. ivy Says:

    Nicholas O’Kane, I hope you don’t have children.

  26. buy electronic cigarettes online…

    High price- due to taxes and otherwise- is the biggest factor that deters children from starting tobacco in the first place. Due to the state of the economy, we may see even more adults say enough is enough when it comes to tobacco as well. The only pr…

  27. AllintheMind Says:

    The only thing considered bad about weed is the fact that it’s expensive.

  28. the 5'0 Says:

    dont do drugs…………smoke crack

  29. Lol, this article is total bullshit. I agree with those above stating that this is just some overly protective parental unit, who has no idea what the good sides to legalizing weed are. Anyone that tries to argue against the legalization of weed either has never tried it, or well, has never tried it, an should keep their mouths closed. Honestly, isn’t this a free country? If I want to smoke some weed, than screw it, I think I should have that right. It’s all natural, of course smoking it will effect your lungs a bit. But it’s nowhere near as bad as smoking cigarettes as some try to claim, that is total BS. I used to smoke cigarettes and weed, I still smoke weed but I quit cigs…and I feel normal again. I feel like I can breath easier, I can go for a run again an all that fun stuff I held back on due to cigarettes. Weed has had no effect on me as far as my lungs go. Also, anyone who believes weed should remain illegal should see the movie Super-High-Me.

  30. I agree to cannabis becoming legal, it is not as harmful as everything else people are taking and doesnt seem to have many bad points, Just a high from natural plants,


  31. anon Says:

    Grammar FAIL

    Your health risks argument is rubbish. Marijuana may be linked with psychosis, but so are tons of other neurotropic medications available with a prescription. Heck, alcohol (which is legal) is strongly linked to Korsakoff’s amnesia. Everything comes with health risks. You’ve got to have a better argument than that.

    The rest of your argument is just circular blather. If your goal is to prove that cannabis should stay illegal, you shouldn’t build from an assumption that it’s not OK to use cannabis.

    I came to this website looking for a solid argument against legalizing cannabis. What a disappointment. Why is it so hard to get an objective perspective on the cannabis issue?

  32. Eco Green Says:

    Politicians are 10 years behind the times when it comes to hemp use. People have been fighting for a long time against marijuana and pot prohibition with some movement going on now. Still too slow for those caught up in the jail system for possessing a little weed. Our freedoms have been trampled on by folks who know nothing about how beautiful cannabis can be for someones life, if one learns how to grow cannabis. Keep up the good work.

  33. Adam Zapel Says:

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  34. Smoke Relief Says:

    Can I order more then one at a time?

  35. Dallas Says:

    this person really needs to go back to school for more than one reason.

  36. num bum Says:

    weed is gay

  37. num bum Says:

    why would you have cannabis after you red that?

    Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Britain. Made from parts of the cannabis plant, it’s a naturally occurring drug. It is a mild sedative (often causing a chilled out feeling or actual sleepiness) and it’s also a mild hallucinogen (meaning you may experience a state where you see objects and reality in a distorted way and may even hallucinate). The main active compound in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol.

  38. num bum Says:

    go to hell yo ppz

  39. andrew Says:

    this article is horribly wrong, weed does not cause lung problems. tobacco does because of all the toxins, where is weed has no toxins that harm the human body and tobacco is legal? alcohol and tobacco cause a whole lot more health issues than weed. the more they crack down on weed and drugs, crime rates go up, is it really worth risking street crime cracking down on weed when its almost harmless? whoever wrote this you are actually very ignorant, and the fact your facts are almost all wrong makes this article completly pointless/invalid. its funny when you read the reasons why it should be legal, theres thousands of reasons, valid reasons with true facts.

  40. EllaLovesWeed. Says:

    love love love weed.

  41. dopeman Says:

    never givin up weed its the best thing thats ever happened to me :). I ❤ WEED

  42. shorty Says:

    weed is awesome and yr a dick!

  43. shorty Says:

    suck my nuts

  44. Joe Says:

    You are a RE-TARD…none of this bullshit is fact..sure inhaling burnt vegetation isn’t great for you, that’s why there are vaporizers and cookies dickwad.

  45. Chris Says:

    Everyone’s missing the the whole point. We shouldn’t have to prove why it should be legalized. Do you not understand that health risks ARE NOT grounds for making something illegal? Hell, i could drink gasoline, pour acid in my eye, eat printer ink, whatever. Point is, i would die. Guess what? They’re not illegal. Even if every single study that has shown a negative effect of smoking cannabis were true, there are still no legal grounds for making it illegal. And for idiots who say, “Well, if you were driving a car while high, you could hit other people and injure them, and that is grounds for making it illegal.”: You really think that if Cannabis was legal they wouldn’t make VERY strict laws about where/when you are and aren’t allowed to use it?

    To “num bum” – You said weed was gay and then posted something giving facts about weed that are simply true…. Facts that neither support nor oppose the legalization of cannabis…… Are you retarded? Please don’t reproduce.

  46. Hip Pie Says:

    When you use words like “Dope-smokers”, you already put yourself in my “more retarded then the brain dead stoner” category… And what the hell is ‘p’? I want to sum up all the pro smoking arguments into single infallable points… One, regarding danger, legal substances rival in addictivity and harm to body. Two, drug policies are the main cause of the drugs use, and the cause for drug war related homicides.
    Drugs should not be illegal, they should be viewed as a public health problem, not a criminal one. Legalize drugs, their use and damage to society WILL drop.
    In summation, author of aformentioned piece of shit, your a moron with no true grasp on reality…

  47. It's None of Your Business Says:

    Look sunshine, it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS if people want to “damage” themselves with cannabis. Yes, as a long time and sometimes heavy smoker (currently abstaining) I know damn well not every effect it has is good, but it DOES have positive effects, if it didn’t – we wouldn’t smoke it.

    But more critically, it’s simply not your business. I don’t care if drugs are illegal it will never stop me doing what I like with my own body. Having done crack, heroin and meth I can say for me, personally alcohol is a bigger problem and far more damaging to my health – that’s not just because it’s ubiquitous – given the choice I’ll often opt for “alcohol” over “harder” drugs even when I don’t have to pay for whatever my choice is.

    Maybe you think you should be able to ban sky-diving, motorcycle riding or horse-riding because they have dangers too, but no you shouldn’t.

    And even more critically you think you can just go “we need to send a message it’s unacceptable”. Let me tell you something, the harder you crack down on MY RIGHT to do what I want with my body the further you alienate me from society. If it was life imprisonment or the death penalty or even being hung, drawn and quartered for drug use I’d still do it, the only difference being I’d also carry a gun, you’d never take me alive and I’d also get involved in serious (profit-driven) crimes against the system who said it was OK to abuse my liberty like that.

    One particular, not readily available drug seriously helps me function properly within-in “mainstream” society and it’s a lot harder to get hold of than heroin or crack because of idiots like YOU who think I couldn’t possibly know what helps and what doesn’t I can hardly ever get it, and without it I can’t hold down a job or function properly. In other countries, this drug would be prescribed to me with little questions asked. In this one it’s considered the spawn of Satan. Yeah you’re a real help you are. Why don’t you mind your own, uninformed, little business and stop running your mouth when you clearly only see part of the picture.

    You cannot threaten, scare or even torture us into stopping. It just makes us hate you more, and some drugs (including cannabis) help some people. It has a very different effect on me than it does on others I know who smoke it. Open your eyes and look a little closer. And get off your podium telling everyone what else to do. It’s simply none of your business and if the penalties for using were heavier than they are all it would do is turn me into a career criminal, targeting large companies and supporters of oppression (like you) as it wouldn’t bother me morally at all. Back to the drawing board Einstein.

  48. mcbraig Says:

    There has never been 1 related death to Cannabis only use. There has never been one reported case of lung cancer, never one case of black lung, or emphysema. The health affects are all beneficial. There hasn’t ever been a study that shows that marijuana use kills brain cells. The case study done by Reagan involved pumping 65 Columbian strength joints through a gas mask in 5 minutes time on a monkey. This was done without additional oxygen being administered, thus suffocating the monkeys. First thing to go during suffocation, brain cells.

    The increase of probability for schizophrenia is only applied to users who start during adolescence. Studies show that pot users who start before the age of 14 and continue into adulthood have increased chances. The way to stop this is by LEGALIZING cannabis. If the laws were constructed like those of alcohol, it would require identification to get the product. Not the judgement of a drug dealer to determine appropriate age.

    Terrible points. Terrible argument. Terrible article.

  49. ALL FOR IT Says:

    Well to begin with…. If you have never tried it then you really need to STFU, because you have no idea why people use it. They could have medical reasons, or they could just like it every once in a while, or they could be like me and not give a F**K about what people like all you hypocrites out there, with your stupid comments on why it should stay illegal, well apparently you have not done much research!
    If it is that bad for you then 1) why do they have a College in California over Marijuana? 2) why has there never been a REPORTED CASE AGAINST SOMEONE OVERDOSING ON MARIJUANA? 3) why would they have Medical Marijuana for patients and for people with problems keeping an appatite? You have no clue on what you are talking about!
    Get a life and let people do as they please with there own lives, that is why it is there lives and not yours!!!

  50. Brandon Says:

    I believe that society is taking this to far and to seriously. Marijuana has proven to set people into a mindset where they can cope with things like depression or injuries. Laws. rules and many facts about it are dated back to the 20th century where they just started studying it. A lot of the information is propaganda to keep you away from it and is a bunch of bull****. Thank you for your time in reading this. Legalize Pot!

  51. Walter Weirhuck Says:

    After reading this article how could you even consider smoking this dangerous drug? It is clear that keeping marijuana illegal is the best solution for everyone. Legalizing the drug would do nothing but harm our country. More of our kids would become addicts and even die!

  52. Needy person x Says:

    Hi, I just need some facts on why cannabis SHOULD be illegal (not that I am saying it should) but its for my biology homework (woo!) and my teacher likes to kill people if they get it wrong 😛 please help me!

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  57. high as balls Says:

    who the fuck writes this bullshit and where were these bogus studies conducted? truth is hemp could help get america out of its debt for obvious reasons clothes paper fuel food and so many other products, not to mention marijuana is out #1 cash crop its because of ignorant people like u were in this mess, go head and get ur lips outta nixons ass

  58. high as balls Says:

    oh and walter i hope thats sarcasm marijuana has never caused an overdose(nor is it physically possible) the gateway drug is not a valid one either read up before u open ur mouth

  59. buckethead Says:

    This piece of shit article is very reminiscent of how cannabis got the bad rap that ultimately caused its prohibition…a stupid fuck, who doesn’t know what they’re talking about and has ulterior motives to make these ridiculous and unsupported claims, tries his best to scare people into agreeing with him with stories about how dangerous cannabis is. The only difference this time is nicolasokane didn’t bring Mexicans or black jazz musicians into the story.

    Nice try, you fucking uptight prick. The only reason this article pissed me off to the point of responding (rather than reading it, laughing at the attempt to sound intelligent on the matter, and moving along) is because lots of other fucktard people will believe this if they read it.

    It’s on the interwebz, so it must be true, right?

    Cannabis will be legal one day. For the cancer patients, the chronic pain patients (such as myself, I have RSD) and many other sick folks, that day cannot come soon enough. My hope is it will come before the heavy regiment of opiates I’m on destroy my organs.

  60. Julian Says:

    Even if it is legalized the average person that smoked pot DAILY would smoke about 1-4 joints a day average. The average tabacco smoker smokes about 1/2 to 2 packs a day. 1 pack = 20 cigarettes. So FUCK YOU FAGGG

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  64. Bill Says:

    Any argument made against Cannibus is hypocritical unless you apply the same logic to alcohol.
    Alcohol is obviously far more dangerous than cannibas there is no comparison.
    It is also obvious that the true ‘gateway’ drug is alcohol. Once people consume alcohol they have much more bravado and are more willing to try things.
    Quit spreading misinformation at the least you are lying to yourself at the worst you are telling lies to millions.
    Re-legalize this harmless plant.
    Drug laws cause far more problems to peoples lives than the drugs themselves.
    Keep the government out of peoples minds.

  65. doode Says:

    i should of gave the first doode a slap

  66. I have personally never smoked weed, and im not disagreeing with it. Im in college right now and in writing a final paper over why it should stay illegal this was my teachers idea..any pointers? Im open for all suggestions.

  67. […] Regardless, there are a lot of different things to consider. For example, there is Nicholas O’Kane’s article on cannabis legalisation; […]

  68. ARJ Says:

    oh wow, the comments here are more interesting than the article it self. You make a headline “Why Cannabis should stay illegal” all the pot heads shout out.”legalize it”.

    There are even people who have done their MBBS doctorate just before commenting here, Biologists and statisticians. wow!!

    here are some pointers in my view.

    Weed has 400+ compounds in it, including 1-8% THC, which gives you all the effects. Its used in medical cases as a pain relief and an appetite builder for patients suffering from treatments like chemotherapy for cancer side effects of medications for AIDS, patients who have had multiple surgeries after an accident etc. It surely does not heal cancer cells or heal anything else.

    Mind expanding, and govt don’t like it? omg!! are you serious?
    dude, if the government regulates weed, it can earn so much money from you, than putting you to jail and feeding you free food. period.

    Alcohol and cigarettes arguments, again pfft!! you are comparing a zebra with a horse. You can ride a horse, try a zebra. There is reason why horses were tamed and zebras weren’t.

    here is something, people smoking pot have already crossed the line in doing something illegal, I say they are much closer to try some thing else, than a guy drinking in a pub. plus the same dealer giving you pot will be able to give you harder drugs than the bartender in the pub. thus the gateway effect. its not marijuana it self. Its the same people who smoke with you is your gateway to a better eventful life with the authorities.

    have you heard of Ayurveda medicine, there are better plants with better health benefits, but you don’t wrap it up and smoke it for pleasure. Just because THC takes away pain for patients, every tom dick and harry shouldn’t smoke it everyday.

    Read my blog @http://quitsmokingweedprogram.blogspot.com/ if you want to quit smoking weed.

    If its legal, the drug lords are the only people who will loose anything. it wouldn’t be that much expensive now would it?
    plus, no politician will do that for you, if he likes his office, face it its a democracy, the majority suffers from it while a few idiots go high and do all the crap in this world, and is ignorant enough to defend the same thing too.. and because of abusers like you, those patients are struggling for pain relief because its illegal and will stay like that for a long long time to come.

  69. Moi Says:

    Ok. So I’ve never ever smoked weed/pot/marijuana/cannabis or whatever you want to call it, in my life. And here’s my opinion:
    It should be legalized.
    Honestly, I’m under 18, and even I can see the sense in weed being legalised. It’s ridiculous how things like alcohol and tobacco can get away with taking so many lives, whereas this beatiful natural plant is not allowed. This is ridiculous and is like setting fire to our human rights. I’m supposed to be writing a speech for biology on why it should stay illegal, which is why I came on this site in the first place, but to be honest, I can’t find a single good reason why it should be illegal.
    My uncle Howie used to smoke it, in fact he even grew it in flower baskets outside his windows on his flat and he was fine. Until he died….and guess what he died from?? Low and behold he was knocked down and killed by a drunk driver when he was about 50 (give or take a few years)!! Just goes to show doesn’t it.
    Well that’s my opinion, but unfortunately in the society we live in, my opinion doesn’t count for much, but I do hope that one day, some brave poltician will stand up and declare that they want it legalised and that it will be legalised. Oh well, in a perfect world maybe………

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