Incinerate the Electoral Finance Bill

Thats not just my opinion ,but the opinion of Steven Price, the lawyer of Nicky Hager, a person who I probably disagree with on a lot of issues, and some-one who thought he would be a strong supporter of the bill. Why should we incinerate it?

 Because it will “shut down an awful lot of political speech, almost everybody’s political speech” (quote from Price). The groups that will sufer from this attack on free speech and democracy include not only the Exclusive Brethren (although they should have the same right to free speech that everyone else does), but also even the Littles Lobby, a child welfare group. And if they have one member whose not enrolled to vote, or under 18, they will be banned from spending more than $5 000 in an electtion year promoting childrens welfare.

David Farrar says (rightly) “If there ever was a bill you should do a submission on it is this. It will affect the rights of all NZers to have their say on political issues. Do not asume the MPs will magically fix it.” Personally, I doubt that Labour will change the Bill, no matter how many submissions they recive, but its a good protest and a way to slow the bill down. This Bill is the most important political issue to face New Zealand for many years, as it will end democracy in New Zealand as we know it. It must be incinerated. If passed, we will not be allowed even to set up a internet petition and promote it during an election year, without registering or signing a statutory declaration.

 Details on how to make a submission are here

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4 Comments on “Incinerate the Electoral Finance Bill”

  1. equaliser Says:

    1. government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
    2. a state having such a form of government: The United States and Canada are democracies.
    3. a state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges.
    4. political or social equality; democratic spirit.
    5. the common people of a community as distinguished from any privileged class; the common people with respect to their political power.

    Ok so that is the discription from the dictionary !!. So tell me what form of democracy is it when groups of people with the MOST money get to peddle their wares more than others ? .

    As it was before and as you would like it to be again , the supreme power was vested in those with the millions of dollars !!.

    You are very wrong in your thoughts !! keep crying but it will do you no good !! . For now the power is more even ! and the tears of the rich will do nothing to change it .

  2. peter Says:

    Sorry but I too can not stomach the idea of some weird religious sect buying an election result.

    The Exclusive Brethren brought huge discredit upon themselves and in fact on all believers in Jesus Christ.

    Sometimes you need to legislate to manage complete idiots!

  3. “So tell me what form of democracy is it when groups of people with the MOST money get to peddle their wares more than others ? ”

    That is the form of democracy we will have under this bill. Note that while you or I can only spend $60 000 a year criticisng the government, the government can spend as much as it wants on propaganda for its re-election. The Government spent $12 millon a month of our taxes to promote its “working for families” policy before the 2005 election. If you don’t fit its political, it fits the definition in the Bill. I wuldn’t be as strongly opposed to the Bill if the $60 000 limit applied to the taxpayer funded advertising of the government.

    “As it was before and as you would like it to be again , the supreme power was vested in those with the millions of dollars !!.”

    Money alone doesn’t buy elections. there have been cases of the people with the most money loosing.

    “You are very wrong in your thoughts ” You want to imprison me if I spend $60 001 promoting my views.

    “keep crying but it will do you no good !!”” Even if these posts are in vain, at least it won’t be on my conscience that I was silent when our right to free speech was destroyed.

    As for the Exclusive Brethren, their massive spend up before the election did change the result, but not in the way they intended. Every one knows they represent a small number of Chritians, not the majority. The way to deal with bad ideas is to debate them, not silence them.

  4. equaliser Says:

    I would be happier as well to see a cap on the government , maybe that can come next !! .
    No matter what they do these governments need our votes ! to be elected .So they will still need to prove themselves , if they wish to be in government for the long hall
    Debating with these types of so called Christians is of no good !! do you have facts to suggest that it is ? .They may be a minority but their spending capabilitys are not !! they represent the rich brother lording it over the poor . And them and Brashes deceit went hand in hand ! and brought about their own demise .And that is great for the majority of this country although maybe not for the outcome that the elite rich might have wished for .
    You still have a right of free speech ! just not the right to peddle lies and indoctrinate with money power anymore .And when speaking you mind you must say who you are !! not try to weasle your hopes of control in by flying under the radar .

    Your posts are not in vain ! and even with your words spoken , you are proving that your rights of free speech have not been taken away at all .You along with the exclusive brethren have plenty of room for this debate you suggest we should have !! .Please inform us when you can promiss us that they are ready to speak and debate !! , im sure there are many who might welcome it .

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