Call to arms

I published this on kiwiblog:

Most people who read this blog by now will have learned of the details of the Bill, and how it bans people from spending more than $60 000 (and remember the important $5 000 limit if your group contains 1 foreigner or person under 18, which applies  to many organisations) criticizing the Government in one year. The issue is how to stop the Bill.

Making submissions to the Select committee will be a way to show your opposition to the Bill, and could delay the Bill (if the committee needs to look at a lot of submissions it will stay with the committee for longer), and appearing in person before the committee to make an oral submission (you should request this in your written submission) will further help delay the Bill. But experience with the anti-smacking Bill and civil unions Bill, shows that labour still pushes Bills through even if there are lots of submissions against them.

What is needed is a lobby group to fight the Bill. The way to stop the Bill is to mobilise public opinion and create such a big public outcry against the Bill that labour will b e forced to drop it, in order to avoid loosing lots of votes. If you are against the Bill and labour it will be a win-win situation. If we stop the Bill it will be a victory for free speech. If Labour goes ahead with it and gets voted out as a result, it will be pleasing to all those who don’t like Labour.

The tactics should be to do advertising to inform people of the effects of the Bill, before it is too late, through leaflets in peoples letterboxes, newspaper adds e.t.c (and this will be expensive so fundraising will be important). Also protest marches could be organised before the second and final readings (which will probably take place early next year).

Remember that it is important to stop this Bill, as next time Labour does something we don’t like it will be illegal for us to spend more than $60 000 opposing it. If you are interested in being part of such a group, please post a comment below indicating such support. If everyone does nothing, nothing happens. Do something to defend free speech.

latter in response to people enquiring about the group I placed this comment:

I haven’t set up a group, and can’t myself. But I think that an organized lobby group will help to defeat the Electoral Finance Bill, and would be willing to help form and participate in such a group.david farrar put the following response:

Watch this space. Contact me by e-mail if you are interested.

Please do so. It is up to us (the NZ public) to defend free speech when our elected representatives attack it. This bill is like none other in New Zealand history. The response to it will deter or encourage future politicians from attacks on our democracy.

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