Election auction

As a protest against the Government plan to continue to allow anonymous donations above $10 000 legal, the Coaltion for Open Government ahve put up an auction on trade me for the 2008 election. It has since been puled down, but is a great protest. The failure to ban anonymous donations in the Anti-Free Speech Bill should be highlighted as showing the complete utter abscence of principle in Labour (other than staying in power). They spent months attacking National as corrupt for allowing money to be poured into it from secret trusts, and then decided to keep the practice legal, because it would hurt their own fundraising. The hypocrisy of labour matches their willingness to stay in power but whatever means nessescary.

To be fair, I think the “buy an election” thing is taking it a bit too far. The reality is that money alone doesn’t decide elections. Yes, it can be a big help, but the media, a good campaign e.t.c. are probably more important. As for the idea of policies being being Bought, there is no doubt some truth in this, politicians are politicians after all, but I doubt money is the most important factor in devising policy. Electoral gain (i.e. votes) probably is.

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