Air NZ turns into Air Iraq

That’s right, it has been revealed that Air New Zealand planes were used to transport Australian troops to Iraq (or actually Kuwait, from where they crossed the border into Iraq). Personally I have no problems with this. I hope (optimistically) that the US can win in Iraq, and bring the country the peace it hasn’t had for a long time. In fact I support sending New Zealand combat troops  to Iraq to help bring stability to the country (although I relise it would be electoral suicide for National to advocate this).

It turns out that Air New Zealand did the right thing in checking with MFAT (Ministry of foreign Affiars) if it was allowed. The fault lies with MFAT secretary Simon Murdoch for approving the flights without informing the government (common sense should have told him to do this). According to David Farrar, Murdoch is a very highly respected civil servant, so a warning should be enough, and Murdoch is apologetic.

However, it’s interesting to see Labour being embarassed over one of their own patsy questions (directed as an attack on Key), and it has done political damage. It also presents great humour opportunities.

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