Comings and Goings

Two more MPs have decided to quit politics at or before the next election. Dianne Yates will be gone by Christmass, to take a new job (if elected) as a member of Hamilton City Council. She joins Paul Swain, Dover Samuels and Marion Hobbs (who are going next year) and Jim Sutton and Georgina Beyer (who have already left) and possibly more who will be anounced in future. The other MP going is Brian Donnelly from New Zealand First. He will take up a new post as High Commissoner to the Cook Islands. Although his appointment has been criticised as taking “the baubles of office“, appointing retiring MPs to diplomatic posts has a long history in New Zealand by Labour and National, and there is no logical reason why this shouldn’t extend to minor party MPs. There are few doubts he will do a good job if appointed.

A month ago, I commented that the real issue of these retirements was who is going to replace the people who are leaving. It turns out my fears are right. The next person on the list, who will enter Parliament next year to replace Yates, is Louisa Wall, a lesbian and Maori. In Wellington Central the two people trying to replace Marion Hobbs are Grant Robertson and Charles Chauvel, and they are both … you guessed it, Gay. What concerns me is not their sexual orientation, but that they are probably there as some minority quota, and socially liberal. Labour is now the social liberal extremist party (as well as the corrupt anti-free speech party). This is why they must be voted out.

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