That was my reaction to seeing the Dominion Post article heading “Nats vow to ditch law on poll spending”. The first sentence of the article by Tracy Watkins on B2 said it all. “National says it will chuck out electoral law changes clamping down on third parties if it ever comes into power”. Remember that with this Bill, National can rush through unpopular policies like bulk funding for schools, setting up a 90 day probationary period for new employees e.t.c in February of election year, and the unions will be banned from spending more than $60 000 saying anything against it. Even better, the limit would be only $5 000 if the union had one person who wasn’t enrolled to vote, under 18 or lived overseas. The 1981 Springbook tour took place during an election year. Just imagine what Muldoon could do to the anti-tour protests if the Election Finance Bill was in place then. At least there is one party in parliament that is willing to put the public intrest ahead of self intrest, and that party is not Labour.

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