Labour against people owning their own homes

Thats what appears to be the case. They don’t want state house tenants to buy their own homes. What else don’t they want people to own? their money (with their high taxes), their right to free speech (with the Election Finance Bill Anti Free Speech Bill ), their right to freedom of assosciation (with compulsory membership of student assosciations), even their conscience (if your a Labour MP and against the anti-smacking Bill).

To inform people who are uninformed (if not lying) about the policy, it does not involve selling off state homes forcing the tenants out, or getting rid of state houses. It merely involves giving state house tenants the option (no-one will be forced to) to buy their state house from the government, with the money being used to build replacement state houses. It goes without saying that most State house tenants are too poor to buy their own homes (which is why they are in a State house) but that should not stop the minority who can from being given the option of doing so. National’s policy is a win-win situation. State House tenants who want to buy their own homes win, people on waiting lists for State houses win (as the Government will use the money from the sales to build more houses), and there is no cost to the Government, taxpayer (bar insignificent administration fees) or existing tenants. The only looser is Labour’s failed socialist ideology.

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