Response to its my body, its my right arguement

One arguement used by supporters of leglized abortion is that the fetus unborn child isn’t really a person, its part of its mother’s body, and therefore the mother has the right to kill it. A similar arguement was expressed on this blog in response to this post by bumblewumble, who says “Golly, I’d hate to be a woman. People telling me what I can and cannot do with my body all the time”. The simple reality is that the unborn child is not part of the mothers body, but a seperate living person. Yes- it may be located within the mothers body, but it has its own seperate DNA right from the moment of conception, and at 12 weeks it has a functioning brain, a beating heart, can “breath” amnoitic fluid, and has all its internal organs in place. It has a nervous system, and this has led some to argue it can feel pain. The only things it relies on its mother for is food, oxygen and water, so it is just as much part of its mothers body as a person on life support needing an oxygen machine is part of that machine. By 20 weeks the unborn child can recognize its mothers voice. A good timeline of fetal development is availiable here.

Now this may not convince you of the pro-life position.This might. In 1999, a spinal bifida operation was preformed on a twenty-one week old unborn child (now born, called Samuel) in Nashville, Tenessee. Samuel reached his arm out of the womb and grabbed the finger of the doctor. To be fair to the supporters of legal abortion, there are conflicting stories about the incident, but there is not doubt about the fact that by 21 weeks a unborn child can make descisons to move around the womb, and thus the events could theoritically happen. See the film showing it (and what you want to kill if you support legal abortion) here. A true miracle that everybody should see.

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