National polling well

Two new polls have come oput recently, a NZ Herald DigiPoll, and a Roy Morgan. Here are the results averaged out:
National 50.4%
Labour (this is no joke) 33.9%
Greens 6.5%
NZ First 3.4%
Maori Party 2.65%
Act 1.2%
United Future 1%
Progressive 0.25%.

If those were the election results, and all electorate seats styed the same, our new Parliament would look like this (figures in brackets are those if NZ First wins an electorate):
National 63 (62) enough to govern alone in both cases.
Labour 43 (41) quite a lot more retirements are needed to stop sitting MPs loosing their seats.
Greens 8 (8)
NZ Fisrt 0 (4)
Maori Party 4 (4) one being an overhang in both occasions.
Act 2 (1)
United Future 1 (1)
Progressive 1 (1) being an overhang.

These results look promising. However don’t count votes before they are cast. Remember that it is still a year before the elction, and there were polls with national on 10 point plus leads only a few months before the last election. A large part of national’s support is still soft.

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