Read this

Read this. Its absolutely dead right about the Election Finance Bill Anti-Free Speech Bill. And remember to make your submission against the Government regulating your free speech by Friday. here are some of the best quotes:

“the Bill effectively creates a licensing regime for political speech”
Can’t get a more accurate description of the Bill than that.

Better still “the open expression of opinion on a political issue using ones own money is demonstratably not a “corrupt practice”. Nor is expressing an idea that may influence other citizens or call into question the wisdom of behind the polices of a registered political party. The United States Supreme Court has observed that “the fact advocacy may persuade the elctorate is hardly a reason to supress it”. Far from being a corrupt practice, persuasion through speech is the lifeblood of the democratic process and the hallmark of a civilized society.”
very good words, particularly the last sentence.

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