The muppet show

All Vic students should (if they haven’t already) read this pamphlet on what the exec has done this year. A tale of incompetence that would be hillarious if it wasn’t true. To be fair to VUWSA there are some competent members in it, and one (or in VUWSA’s case two, if not more) bad years don’t justify radically changing it, but it has far more than its fair share of incompetent people unfit for their jobs. If it ever was to become voluntary (hopefully it will when National is elected, and VSM will probably be whats needed to force VUWSA to change its ways) it would be bankrupt in months, if not sooner. Fortunately VUWSA elections are coming up, and voters can vote the current lot out. Also approaching is the AGM, which will occur in just over two months time.

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