One of the very few good things Labour is doing at the moment is helping repeal archaic sedition laws, which have began their second reading at Parliament. Sadly, Labour’s positive contribution towards free speech is undone by its Electoral Finance  Anti-Free Speech Bill, which seeks to crinimalise free speech without registration, and all free speech involving spending more than $60 000 in an election year. Rodney Hide gave a good speech on this irony. Also interesting is which Bill passes first? The sedition Bill or Electoral Finance Anti-Free Speech Bill. I suspect the Anti-Free Speech Bill will pass first, because of Labour’s desire to silence its critics as fast as possible, and thus will be desperate to have the new law on its books before the christmass break (so it can take effect 1 January), despite Sedition being introduced in June. Labour has even gone to have the committee meet outside normal hours to speed it up. Fortunately for free speech I hope the christmass deadline will beat the Anti-Free Speech Bill, so we can enjoy another two or three months of free speech. Sadly, Labour can rush the bill through under urgency, and I’t won’t surprise me if this happens at the end of the year.

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