Sick, sick society

We live in a very sick, sick society. Look here for details. The average women has not one, but over 20 sexual partners in her lifetime. men aren’t much better with almost 17 on average.

It is shamefull that we are the worse in the world here. What would be interesting is a comparison with New Zealand before the 1970s, so we can see the impact of the feminist and gay rights movements on this, and the impact of legalised abortion, sodomy and prostitution, Civil Unions Gay marriage under a different name Bill and sex education in schools on this. The results will be very interesting. Also interesting will be statistics for sexaully transmited dieseases, marriage breakups, and numbers of solo parents before and after these events.

The statistics above show that traditional moral values are truly dead in our society, and bar a few individuals (including me) and church groups the ideas marriage is between a man and woman, and sex is primarily for procreation, not pleasure, are no longer believed in or practiced in New Zealand. Unfortunately, it will probably take many generations to reverse the damage to family values that has been done by bad governments (mostly Labour) and a feminist and gay rights movement determined to destroy the family over one generation.

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