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Its War

November 15, 2007

Yesterday the Dominion Post published details of the evidence of the Urewera 17. So far I haven’t written about the issue, partly because I did not wish to rush into judgements without knowing all the evidence, much of which was suppressed. But now the evidence is out, and it is extremely shocking. Take the following for example (someone really did say this on a phone): “You know the IRA in England. It’s gonna happen here. I’m ready to die, mate. I’m gonna hurt this country. I’ve had a gutsfull. I wanna leave this planet knowing that I’ve done a (fucking?) huge amount of harm to this country”. Quite a distirbing insight into the hatefull and evil mentality of these terrorists. Perhaps most worrying is that they planned to kill ordinary Pakeha New Zealanders like you and me, to get used to the idea ok killing. There is one word to describe this practice: Murder. Of the most henious bloodthirsty kind. Of course, the full context of the quotes needs to be taken into account, and I have not seen any response from the accused, What I’ve seen is very damming. It is truly frightening that we have in our society people who hate our country, and want to kill ordinary New Zealanders (because of their skin colour or race, which is genocide).

The Police deserve our thanks for this foilment of this evil terrorist plot, and the actions they took to defuse it. Even if a case can be made that the raids went a bit too far, the harm suffered from the raids is irrelavent compare to what would have occured had these murderous savage evil hatefull terrorists got their way. My life, and the life of every law abiding pakeha New Zealander was under threat from this group, and now our thanks to the police action, the lives of several (if not many) people have been saved.

Over the past few days (and weeks) we have seen many protests  (including a Hikoi) by Maori against the Police action. Now is the time for all law abiding Maori to write comments on blogs, march in the streets, and rise up and show their disgust at the terrorist actions and plans. Because if their silence is as defeaning as the silence from “moderate” Muslims in the face of terrorism, they will have only themselves to blame if all Maori get branded as terrorists.