Morals survey

The New Zealand Catholic has (Feb 24 issue, ‘abortion more acceptable than cloning’, Page 3) an interesting survey on what people think is morally OK and what is wrong. The results are (listed by % of people who think practices are morally OK): Divorce 78
Consensual sex between two unmarried heterosexual people 78
Having a illegitimate baby outside marriage 74
Medical research from embryo stem cells 65
Homosexuality (presumably sexual activity) 60
Abortion 55
Euthanasia (Doctor assisted suicide) 54
Wearing animal fur 50
Gambling 49
Death Penalty 42
Cloning Animals 27
Suicide 21
Cloning People 9
Adultery 9

For me the results are a mix of good and bad. It shows that the socialist left assualt on traditional values, starting with legalised abortion in the 1970s, to the Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986, to Civil unions and legalised prostitution today, have significently eroded the value of chastisty, to the point where almost 80% of us see nothing wrong with premarital sex. However traditional values aren’t dead yet, with 91% disaproving of adultery. The NZ Catholic talked about the 55-45 margin with abortion as an excuse to reopen the debate. Sadly, with such a hot potato political issue, politicians since 1978 have done almost all they could to leave the issue alone, and that looks set to continue. The 54% approving of euthanasia is also a worry, particularly with moves by the likes of Exit and NZ First MP Peter Brown to legalise it, this could be the scene of a big political debate in future. I also find it interesting that practices I have no moral problems with, such as wearing animal fur, gambling and cloning animals are opposed by most of the public.

The fact that many of the things people said were morally OK were often legal (and sometimes widespread) shows that legislation can make a difference. This is something conservative politicians need to think about.

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