Violence in politics is wrong

According to David Farrar, today Chris Trotter said that a National victory this year would be good. Why?

Because of fears that right wingers could respond to their loss with violence. Although such violence would almost ineviatably be confined to fringe few, if it happens at all, the brick throwing incicdents involving “people power” are distirbing. They have thrown bricks through the windows of Helen Clarks electorate office twice in one month. They have also smashed the window of a Auckland Green Party electorate office.

I want to be very clear about this. Such actions are despicable and totally unacceptable, and those responsible should be imprisoned. By trying to silence elected officials with a campaign of violence, is worse than the Electoral Finance Act, trying to silence Government critics through legislation (in a evil but non-violent way). Although violence can be justified in some extreme circumstances, such as if a totalitarian government didn’t allow free elections, and went round murdering political opponents, and was done as a last resort, there is (thankfullly) no sign of those circumstances ever occuring here in New Zealand.

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