Union caught out by Anti-Free Speech Act

The new Anti-Free Speech Act (officially known as the Electoral Finance Act) has caught its first victim. The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU), which has been barred from campaigning for two months while the Electoral Commission sees if it is eligible to be a third party this election.

The EMPU applied to be third party in early February, and faced an objection from David Farrar. The objection is done on the basis that the EMPU is affiliated to the Labour Party, and thus involved in its affairs. Reading the letter Farrar wrote to the Electoral Commision hereit makes it clear the EMPU is far closer connected to Labour than the Brethren ever were to National.

Although I support David’s objection, it raises a disturbing possibility. What if someone was to maliciously raise objections to certain third party’s registering in order to keep them muzzled an reduce the time they are allowed to campaign in?

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