Abortion racism

Those who know much about the history of Planned Parenthood may about the beliefs of its founder, Margaret Sanger. She was a nazi-style rascist bigot who endorsed genocide and was quoted once as saying she wanted to “exterminate the negro population” of America.

A few months ago, a pro-life student magazine, in order to see if Sangers rascism still existed in Planned Parenthood, did several fake phone calls to Planned Parenthood pretending to be a rascist donor, with money offered to encourage African-American women to have abortions in order to “lower the number of black people”. Each branch of Planned Parenthood contacted agreed to accept the money, and in no case was concern about the rascist motives expressed.

Unlike the student magazine and black genocide, much as I’d hate to side with Planned Parenthood in any debate, I don’t think Planned parenthood is rascist today. They want to kill unborn children, whatever their colour. The fact that black women are overepresented in abortion statistics is probably due more to their low income (and thus less financial ability to support another child) than their skin colour. The incident does show that Planned Parenthood is willing to pander to rascists in order to exterminate unborn children.

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