Auckland Airport update

The Canadians have revised their plans for Auckland Airport, with their newest proposals involving them owning 40% of the shares, but having less than a quarter of the votes on the airports board. One quarter is definitely not a controlling stake. This leaves Labour with an interesting decision to make. Should it make it more obvious that its decisions with Auckland Airport are a desperate poll driven attempt to gather the xenophobic vote, damaging our economy in the process, or back down and continue its support for foreign investment in a free enterprise based economy, and also avoid a politically damaging court case. My bet is with the former option, but I really hope the later is the one Labour chooses.

David Farrar also makes a valid point about Labour having the NZ super fund invest in strategic assets in many countries around the world.

On No Right Turn, Idiot Savant continues with his left wing hysteria talking about how foreign ownership leaves “those assets to be run down and asset stripped to satisfy their new owners rapacious desire for profit”. One would expect a pension fund to take a nice long term view when making decisions.

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