Give credit where credits due

Labour has done many bad things for New Zealand over the last nine years, most obviously in its abuse of power relating to the pledge card, its retrospective legislation, and Electoral Finance Act, but also its killing of thousands of unborn children through taxpayer funded abortion on demand, its attacks on traditional family values with civil unions, legalised prostitution and the Anti-smacking Bill, and its failed socialist economic policies.

However, it hasn’t been all bad, and on rare occasions Labour can come up with good ideas. Yesterday, when the Government anounced its new $700 million research fund was one of those moments. R&D is one of those things that can reallly make an economy suceed and improve productivity.

If anyone needs any doubt about whether it is a good thing, look at all the groups that have said so. Sadly National is not among them, and denounces the rick as a gimmick, and pledges to scrap the fund if elected. To be fair to National, they might have better ideas, and we haven’t seen their R&D policy yet. I hope its good policy, because R&D is important.

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