Stephen Franks is back

First we have Roger Douglas return to politics (and ACTs polling has increased to give it enough for a second seat, whether it will be Heather Roy or Roger Douglas at number 2 will be interesting) and now, to my delight, Stephen Franks. He has just been selected as National Party candidate for Wellington Central. Although he is unlikely to win the seat, I would be very surprised if he did not get a winnable list ranking (especially with National polling around 50%). He has had a solid socially conservative voting record in Parliament, which I hope to see continued in National, and as a lawyer knows a lot about the Electoral Finance Act, which he opposes, and I hope he can as a National MP help repeal it. I wish Stephen all the best with his campaign, and look forward to seeing him back in Parliament.

In Rotorua Todd McClay, son of former National MP Roger McClay, and former Cook Islands Ambassador to the EU, has been selected for National. Unlike Franks, his list ranking won’t matter much. Rotorua is now a National seat on paper (with its new boundaries) and with the tide going out on Labour, should be easily winable.

I hope both Stephen Franks and Todd McClay have excellent long Parliamentary careers ahead of them.

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One Comment on “Stephen Franks is back”

  1. Thanks for the good wishes Nicholas, though I prefer to consider my voting record as classically liberal. For example I have solidly voted for freedom of speech, and freedom of association. The so-called conservatism is essentially a dislike of seeing law, including “human rights law”, used to suppress unpopular some social views and to give legal privilege, to others.

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