Green Party List

It is still some time before we can see party lists for the big parties, and therefore it is welcome to those (like me) who are impatient to see the lists, that the Green Party draft list has been leaked to David Farrar. The candidates are:
1. Jeanette Fitzsimons (no surprise here)
2. Russel Norman (the other co-leader, anything less than 2 would have made a mockery of his co-leader position)
3. Sue Bradford (probably the most well-known Green MP, thanks to the Anti-smacking Bill, but is experienced and hard-working. Those who don’t like her won’t vote Green anyway, so no harm done)
4. Metira Turei
5. Sue Kedgley
6. Keith Locke (all the above 3 incumbent MPs, not too surprising. The inclusion of Russel Norman gives some fresh blood, although they would have been better of if Rod Donald had stayed alive)
7. Kevin Hague (current chief executive of West-Coast DHB, and former member of National health Comittee, and former chair of Public Health Advisory Committee. Obviously knows a lot about health, and if he gets in, will probably be their health spokesperson)
8. Catherine Delahunty (Kotare Trust tutor, has stood several times for Parliament, but this time has high enough list ranking to give her a serious chance at making it in, good green CV and longtime enviromental activst. Doesn’t add too much new to the Party caucus, but should be competent)
9. Kennedy Graham (University of Canterbury Law Adjunct Senoir Fellow (whatever that means). Is highly educated, and has long background in foreign affairs. Could replace Keith Locke in long term, but in the short term icould be a little too far down the list to make it in)
10. Paul De Spa has pulled out, so Gareth Hughes (Parliamentary services staffer, and in recent years, don’t know if he still is, a Young Green member, so obvioulsy young, and his high list ranking indicates potential. Probably too far down to make it in) is here.
11. David Clendon (sustainable business advisor, failed leadership candidate, and was number 12 on their list last time, and former lecturer on resource management, should miss out on entering parliament again)
… 29. Mike Ward (if this is the former MP, must have done something wrong)

The rankings of the first 6 don’t really matter, as its all in, or all out. Hague and Delahunty stand fair chances of getting in, and if the Greens do well Graham and maybe Hughes could make it in. Clendon has a long shot (needing 9%), but the others on the list should be prepared for disapointment. Personally, I’m not a Greens supporter, and hope they miss 5% (which will really destroy Labour’s chances at governing post 2008 as well), but if any of these new people get in, I hope they do a good job. Remember that these are not the fianl rankings, and things could change (I think Ward will get higher than 29, but having him ranked so low in the draft will doom his chances of returning to parliament) and I’m not an expert on these candidates, only doing a few google searches. More on the Greens next post.

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