Cindy Kiro

If anyone doesn’t know who she is, she is the Labour Government Childrens commisioner, who appears more interested in helping her extremist ideology than children.

She is most remembered for her strong support for the Anti-smacking Bill. In fact her support for this Bill is so strong, that she made a big fuss about the “horsewhip” case (presumably not mentioning the fact that the child tried to hit his father on the head with a baseball bat before the horsewhip was used) but completely silent on the case of Ngatikura Ngati, who was beaten for days with an oar and basball bat, causing serious injuries. So much for helping stop child abuse.

She spends alot of time out of the country, so much so that she failed to deliver two major reports last year. Unlike David Farrar, I think this is actually a good thing, as when she is in the country she seems determined to damge it, and the reports probably aren’t worth reading anyway, except for comedy. Sadly, one of the things she still had time for was to defend the rights of taggers to graffiti on other peoples property.

On the topic of flights, Cindy Kiro supports a ban on men sitting next to unaccompanied children on flights to stop child abuse. Presumably, she thinks all men are violent pedophiles. However, statistics show women are more likely to be child abusers than men.

So what does she believe to be the big three issues facing children today? child abuse? No. How about education? Not that either. Maybe health? No, its poverty (not a bad choice), and then climate change and religous fundamentalism.

I actually agree religous fundamentalism is a threat facing children. Her religous fundamentalism.


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